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1MHz to 69MHz

The following antennas are sorted by the frequency that they are designed for!
Example : 1MHz to 69MHz means that particular antenna can be made anywhere within that range
but not that the antenna will transmit over that entire range as this is impossible for a transmitting antenna.


Frequencies From 525kHz to 2MHz


                                                  AM Radio & Shortwave Antennas (See Radio AM/FM Antennas Section)

Frequencies From 2MHz to 25MHz

Mobile One Make shortwave & low frequency tunable HF antennas on frequencies ranging from 6MHz to 21MHz, either with
5/16" or 1/2" fittings but we don't make multi tap or multi frequency HF antennas.
Please Ask.  (See Ham Band antenna section for more ideas)

Frequencies 26MHz to 26.770MHz

New Zealand HF CB Radio Band

Mobile One Make a huge range of CB antennas (See CB Radio Antennas Section)
Most Of Our 27MHz Antennas Are Available For 26MHz

Australian CB Radio Band 26.965MHz to 27.400MHz


 cb antenna

Mobile One Make a huge range of CB antennas (See CB Radio Antennas Section)

Frequencies From 29MHz To 30MHz
Amateur Radio 10 Metre Band


Almost all 27MHz CB Antennas are available pre tuned for 10m band, just ask

Frequencies From 30MHz To 45MHz


M35-1   fh35

Description of the FH35
1220mm 48"

Fiberglass helical constant diameter 6.5mm thick with 5/16" fitting coated with PVC available in black or white
This antenna style is available for any frequency from 30MHz to 41MHz state the transmit frequency you require.

Recommended Accessories - A12C, or UL12C with BMB or Mag3.6C, You can use a SAL or SAO spring.


Frequencies From 50MHz To 69MHz  

M6-1  m6-1

Description of the M6-1
1520mm 60"

Fiberglass 1/4 wave tapered from 6.5mm to 4mm with 5/16" fitting coated with polyolefin black or white
This +antenna is tune able from 50MHz to 88MHz

Recommended Accessories - A12C, or UL12C with BMB or Mag12C.
Note: You can use a spring SAL or SAO but the antenna will need to be re-tuned on the spring