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From > Allan @ Canberra

I contacted Greg regarding problems with the AMFM radio in my Toyota Prado and the solution was to fit an external antenna to the vehicle. Since fitting the radio has been perfect, and all the annoying noise has been eliminated.

From > Norm @ Rossmore NSW

I have brought the following from Mobileone.

A small whip antenna for my uniden scanner, custom made for 410 to 430 mhz and a Ground Plane Base Station kit custom tuned for 410 to 430 MHz, with 10 metres of cable with all the correct fittings connected including several adaptor fittings.
All the above equipment is of great quality and have improved reception by 100%. I have dealt with several antenna companies over the last 30 years and I have found Greg’s service to be above and beyond all others. Greg is always willing to take phone calls and answer any questions I may have. He can identify any fittings by photo and can tell you exactly what you need and I have received items ordered promptly within 3 days

I can highly recommend Mobileone antennas.